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Mac vs PC: Which should I buy?

Published by Jamal Awad • over 2 years ago • 1,989 • 6 minutes read • 0

Main differences between Macs and PCsThe best way to describe the difference between a Mac and a PC is that they are two different ways of thinking... Continue reading...

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What is Trello? How to use Trello to Organize Everything?

Published by Jamal Awad • almost 3 years ago • 1,475 • 5 minutes read • 3

Trello touts itself as a “collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards”, but that just doesn’t drive home how powerful of a tool it ... Continue reading...

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What Should be in a Coder's Toolbox?

Published by Jamal Awad • almost 3 years ago • 1,311 • 5 minutes read • 0

As Developers, we’re often met with many different technologies, all new and foreign to us, and with someone telling us it’s the next big thing and... Continue reading...