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It was not okay in South Africa, it was not okay in Nazi Germany, why is it okay in Lebanon?

Trying to comment on the criteria or behind the scenes basis of the Lebanese government treatment and attitude towards the Palestinian refugees within its borders is rather easy and simple.  Prejudice, racist, humiliating and demolishing are pinpoint attributes, ones crumbling the bases of the remaining social and human dignity.

Status of many Palestinians due to racist treatment

Want proves? Look at the speeches of the leaders of the reigning parties. Commenting on the Lebanese minister of work law last year, Gebran Bassil, one of the top influencers on the Lebanese political stage, and the man behind the current minister of economy and trade actions, said “We are in favor of implementing the labor law and with the toughening of texts to protect Lebanese job opportunities" considering that “everything that contributes to the normalization of the Palestinian and Syrian presence in Lebanon is a form of settlement”.

Re-opining this affair is not obscure. Yet again there are rumors and publications about the current minister of economy and trade “Raoul Nehme “ proposal of raising the prices of basic daily needs like bread, diesel, and even groceries, on all foreigners including Palestinians. 
Not even charades of disapproval floated on the tongue of the political monsters that wear the cloak of civilization.

Time to speak some facts, for education is a must for those that do not see beyond their malicious intent and savagery of their sectarian goals.

 More than 15 million pounds, which is the equivalent of 15 Billion Dollars in today's market, were carried inside Lebanon by Palestinian refugees. Nowadays, more than 12% of the Lebanese Palestinians live abroad, and send millions of dollars yearly to Lebanon.

 Much has been said about the influence of Palestinians in freshen up the Lebanese economy, despite many injustices. Some entrepreneur ships that were vital in laying the foundations of a prosperous Lebanese economy are Youssef Baidas , the Architect of Lebanese Banking , and the founder of Intra bank, the largest financial institution in Lebanon, Casino Du Liban, and Middle East Airlines; all are Lebanese monuments and form the basis of the economy. Refaat nemer, founder and co-founder of Union of Arab banks, bank of Beirut, first national bank, known as FNB. Zuhair Al-Alami “Khatib and Alami”, Remon Audi, the honorary chairman of the board and general manager of Bank Audi. The first company to distribute newspaper and publications, and the first chain of ready to wear shops, are all founded and owned by Palestinians. 

Palestinians have done a great deal for the Lebanese economy, only a blind man can deny their accomplishments.

old woman speaking about the renewal of her shop

According to a research done by Raja Majzoub for his Master’s degree, in Near East University cyprus, about the status of his home town, Sidon, in case of a Palestinians departure. 35% of resident Palestinians are in Sidon, due to its southern location. The study estimates that 88% of the city’s economy will have an immediate and direct collapse incase Palestinians are to leave.  Investment will retreat by 50% for 10 out of 15 Lebanese citizens, and 50% percent of shops will have a huge negative effect on them.

Raja Majzoub, the graduate behind the study

Speaking to death ears, and proving to blind men, will cause fatigue.  Palestinians do not and will not ask for anyone’s good will, for they are proud people. They only ask for the sectarian biased individuals to back off, for the laws to bear in mind that they have given more than enough to earn a respectful status. If such injustice continues, the end results will only bring misfortune for both nationalities, and hardship for the country they have always held dear.
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