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The extent of human monstrosity can always reach new highs. Despite living in an era where everything is documented and publicized, it is the lack of basic human compassion and the absence of will to act, that prevails. It is well known that illegal sales of organs is a flourished trade, to the extent that it generates 1.4 billion dollars yearly, with 10% of the 118,000 transplants being illegal “global financial integrity”.

The red dragon, china, never failed to stun the global community with the lines it willingly crosses to flourish, according to a report composed by Justin Rix, and published by the American network “vice”. Unfortunately for 8 million Uyghur’s present in northwest china, their mere existence is hardly acceptable and beneficial to the Chinese communist government, compared to the thousands of dollars of valued organs acquired upon their passing, or frankly, liquidation.

uncovering a form of evil we have yet to see on this planet

In 2014, concentration camps that held thousands of Muslim Uyghur as prisoners were put up, where incarcerated civilians underwent medical tests such as blood ultrasound tests, that would reveal features and specifications about the medical and physical shape of the imprisoned population, and then can be easily classified  for sale, when their organs are in need.

According to the network’s reports, 25 to 35 thousand individuals are murdered yearly, for the Sheer greed of selling their organs for the right buyers, or simply the ones that can afford them. The dead bodies are burnt and disposed in a way where no trace will be discovered. According to “The guardian”, it only takes you a week, maximum a month, to find the sought organ. You can even pre-schedule the operation, as if the organ shall be obtained!

missing kids of the Uyghur minority

riots against segregation

Who are China’s top buyers?
According to “Aljazeera”, 7 Muslim countries are in favor of china’s policies against the Uyghur people. Saudi Arabia, Syria, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, Bahrain, and 28 other countries have scripted a formal letter to the United Nations supporting “the actions taken against terrorism and extremism” in west china. The reason behind these countries interest in this trade, is the backward mentality that such organs belonged to Muslim individuals that never drank alcohol nor ate pork, which is key in there religious education and out bring.

Chinese and Saudi Arabia presidents

Justin also reported that you can effortlessly access the advertisement websites and videos of hospitals making attractive offers for the willing buyers in the gulf region, to visit china and benefit from the eye-catching experience and unmatched comfortable hospitalization the state provides.
What brings the world to shame, that a terrorist and prejudice state like Israel , have forced taxes for anyone willing to travel to china to have such an operation. 

It is yet unclear what the future events will unfold for the thousands of women and children living under inhuman, catastrophic conditions in that area. With the international community giving scarce of attention to this global shame and little yet almost nothing to lift the burden of existing china so ruthlessly apply, the future does not seem bright.
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